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Nice to connect!

My name is Maurice Rodrigues Lopes

I was born in Spain in 1966, son of Dutch parents, so I was educated in the American International School.

At the age of 10, I  was simultaneously communicating in 5 different languages, as if I was born among the Dutch, American, Spanish, French and German  families, whose kids were my friends.

I master 6 languages at native-level and 2 more at professional proficiency.

I communicate simultaneously with different people in a natural and pleasant way, that is what creates the comfort zone for connecting.

35 years later, my experience in international sales attest for a successful track record developing  multinational business relationships.

Clear and precise in communications , I have created international  connections that  are my greatest asset. 

- Vision and expression -

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RodLopes Communications

Everyone wants to belong, be it family, business, friendship and partnership. Society comes from the world social, which in turn comes from the Latin word socialis or socius. This brings us back to our inner need to be associated, to belong. Since the 14th century, when the first use of social was known, we are all of us in need to belong. In these days of the Jewish Atonement, this particular society halts everything, including eating and drinking, to repent for doing something wrong. In our humble worldwide vision, we at Rodlopes Communications, want to wish everyone a spiritual and satisfying cleansing. Our purpose in this world, at RodLopes Communications is to communicate, so this is what we just did.  











We first have to feel your dedication to develop your business.

Once we feel that the motivation justifies our involvement, we carefully look at the moment when we started caring for your cause.

We call this empathy.





Once we care, we want to understand. Clarity happens when your vision is clear and your mission is defined.

This is the phase where you explain what you want and we choose the plan of action.

We call this clarity.





Now that we are clear on the plan of action, the time is right for matching expectations.

We are experts in our skills, but we are not magicians. We do not control other people's time or decisions.

We call this expectation.





We are all set.

Now it is time to let us do what we do best.

We communicate in the native language, within the cultural tradition, until we connect.

Mission accomplished.


Presenting :

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RodLopes Communications specializes in connecting people worldwide, by managing business connections.  

6 Native-level languages, culture-savvy introductions, presentations and negotiations are managed until the connections are made.

Choose your connection level


Enlighted Level - 1 month

All you want is to introduce yourself and your team to a potential client, but you don't know the language and corporate culture?

Enlighted is for you:

1-month managed business connecting.

1 briefing

1 quotation for price including:

Written intro, meeting-set up and presentation.

That's it.

Turn on the light to see what's out there!

Send us a message
and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!


Shiny Level - 3 months

You want to focus , but you know that you need clients.

Shiny is for you:

3-month managed business connecting.

3  briefings, 1 marketing strategy,

1 email campaign, up to 10 leads.

3 meetings set-up, and follow-up:

Introduction - Presentation - Quotation.

Let the light shine on you for 90 days and  you become visible!

Let's get to know each other

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

What's on your mind?
Which days are you available?

Thanks for your interest! We'll get back to you soon.


Brilliant level - 12 months

Your peace of mind is more valuable than hiring a full-time marketing & sales team.

You have the budget and want results, without the hassle.

Brilliant is for you:

12-months of managed business connecting.

1 annual invoice, payable monthly.

Your vision becomes our mission.

Our team has the skills for your mission.

Brilliant move!
Build your business while we develop yours too!

Managed Business Connecting

Our 3 levels are :

LEVEL 1 - Enlighted :

1 month business promotion

LEVEL 2 - Shiny :

3 months business connecting

LEVEL 3 - Brilliant :

12 months managed business connecting with monthly updates

For more details just choose your preference and send us a message!

Start your new business connections and contact us:

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