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Meet our eagle overview 


Managed Business Connections

The connection is accomplished with professional communications.

Rodlopes Communications specializes in creating B2B connections. See our communications pages for further information.


Managed negotiations

When all the hard work is about to pay off, the closure, the final negotiation, is of the highest importance, as it affects the value of the deal.

Rodlopes Negotiations is specialized in closing the deal.


Managed financials

Managing a business means managing financials. Our managed financials offer budget optimization, profitability analysis, investment strategies. For further information see our financials pages.



Managed marketing strategy

When you want to sell, it is necessary to have a marketing strategy that will generate interest in your company's products.

RodLopes  marketing strategy provides the marketing exactly for that 

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Maurice Rodrigues Lopes

Maurice has extraordinary languages and communications skills, paired with a business development acumen. 
With his extensive travels and business development expertise on international C-suite level, he is a global veteran in the field of high-level corporate connections.
Maurice manages the most complex communications projects for our Rodlopes Communications  and continuously strives to improve connections with multinationals.

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CMO - Chief Marketing Officer 

Elad Rodrigues Lopes

Elad has extraordinary trend sensitivity, paired with a creative mind. With his let's do this attitude , he is always researching ways how to improve the connections online. Elad  manages the RodLopes brand awareness on a global scale, targets corporate leads for our team and continuously strives to expand connections with enterprises, both overseas in Israel..

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Adi Kidron CO-CEO & CFO.jfif


Adi Kidron

Adi has extraordinary management and organizational capabilities, paired with a business development acumen. 
With his long-term financial business vision, high inter-personal communication skills and a significant legal orientation, he is a powerful negotiator.
Adi manages the most complex financial projects for our Rodlopes Financials and continuously strives to improve profitability and organizational processes.

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CSO - Chief Sales Officer India

Pramod Kumar Dash

Pramod has strong professional skills in Sales Management, with a MBA in Business Administration. Experienced Senior Manager with proven track record in several industries.

Pramod is experienced and well versed in the complete business development cycle, from marketing to negotiations and manages all business development in India.

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